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Missionaries supported by
Gospel Light Baptist Church


  • Sellers, Chad and Sandy (Redemption Outreach, Nepal)     
    Sending Church, Gospel Light Baptist Church, Jackson, Tenn.


  • Barnes Family (Guam)

  • BEAMS 

  • Bible and Literature Missionary Foundation (Shelbyville, Tenn.)

  • DeCurtis, Joe (Philippines)

  • Collins Children's Home (Nepal)

  • Gardner, Matthew and Savannah (Uganda)

  • Gordon, Tim and Carla (Leoma, Tennessee) 

  • Grills, Hunter and Laura (Lighthouse Children's Homes)

  • Harding, Dr. Chuck (Mission to America, Washington DC) 

  • Henry, Matthew (India)

  • Holmes, Mark (Nigeria)

  • Jacob, Richard and Family (Nashville)

  • Larson, Bob and Jennifer (Reseeding America)

  • Lowrie, Brad (Croatia)

  • Nickell, Jordan and Katrina (Thailand)

  • Putnam Family (Brazil)

  • Ross Family (Israel)

  • Ruiz, Fabian (Mexico)

  • Shelby Family (Kenya)

  • Snodderly, Aaron (TN Ind. Baptist for Religious Liberty, Nashville, Tennessee)

  • Terry, Caleb (Gallatin, Tenn.) (City Light Baptist)

  • There's Hope Family Ministries (Milan, Tennessee)

  • Weaver, Dan and Vicki (Valley of Peace, Belize) 

  • Wilkerson, Matthew (Togo, West Africa)

  • Williams, Jonathan and Sarah (Panama)

  • Wright, Matthew and Cindy (Greece)

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